You know the word has been out about AIDS prevention, then you hear about barebacking.

You learn about people who have gone down the crystal meth road, and then learn
which hospital they are in and how long they have been there.

You worry about young men who take too casually the threat of unprotected sex,
or Party and Play, and who never seem to wonder
why there aren't  more middle aged guys around anymore.

This page was inspired by an email SBNO received telling of a new site for guys living with   
AIDS. SBNO was reminded that information needs to  continually be put OUT THERE
to remind everyone to be careful and to respect ourselves and our partner(s).

There are also options, choices and opportunities for the POZ guy. Being POZ can sometimes
mean a feeling of isolation and separateness because of his status - often self imposed.          
SBNO  met such a guy recently, when we both attended one of the events listed
in the calendar of this website. It was good to see him there,
enjoying himself, and maybe he seemed a bit surprised
by life outside his immediate perimeter. Others there, too,
were glad to see him because he is funny and witty and smart.

We are all here together, whether our community is the few square blocks surrounding        
our  homes, or the folks – the guys – “just like us” most everywhere we go.
We need to respect  ourselves and also respect the other guys out there for,
in caring about them and the quality of their lives
we are really caring about our own.

Welcome to the SEX Page.
    What We Need To Know About Barebacking
    How risky is it?
    Very! "Barebacking" - unprotected anal intercourse between men - is only safe when both partners are not infected
    with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
    Otherwise MORE
     What We Need To Know About Crystal Meth
     "If the devil had invented a drug to lure gay men, it would be crystal."

     So says longtime AIDS activist and recovering crystal addict Bob Hattoy, addressing the hold
     of the drug crystal methamphetamine on some gay  MORE
    What We Need To Know About Oral Sex
    Questions about oral sex are probably the most common ones I get. We recently completed a study of men
    in San Francisco who  MORE
    What We Need To Know About Gay / Bi Men and Intimacy
    The old classic joke asking, "What do gay men bring to their second date?...What second date?"
    captures the belief many gay men (and much of the general public) have about gay male relationships,
    intimacy, sex and love. MORE

    What We Need To Know About Mental Health and Recovery Resources          HERE

                      What We Need To Know About Gay / Bi / Questioning Family / Spouses

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“It's hard to be proud  
of your own sexuality  
when it hasn't brought you any joy.  
Once it's associated with  
joy, and love,  
it's easy to be proud   
of who you are.”  

- George Michael  

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Darius: "Hate AIDS Jeffrey - not life"

Jeffrey: "How?"

Darius: "Just think of AIDS as the guest at the party who won't leave.
The one we all hate. But you have to remember . . . "

Jeffrey: "What?"

Darius: "It's still our party."

from the play and movie "Jeffrey"  written by Paul Rudnick