People began to see that Gay people had a community,
an actual community. These weren't just people isolated
within their own worlds. It was the first time that the straight
world thought, "Wow, they are a real people. They are a real
group of people who are dealing with really traumatic issues."

- writer Michaelangelo Signorile on film in the early 90's
When we sit there in the dark we're seeing more
than a story, more than a plot,
more than a happy ending.
We're really seeing scripts for our own lives,
scripts for our own fantasies and nightmares.

- B. Ruby Rich, Film Critic

“When I was very young, I was already a fabulador.
I loved to give my own version of stories that everybody already knew.
When I got out of a movie with my sisters, I retold them the whole story.
In general they liked my version better than the one they had seen.”

“All my movies have an autobiographical dimension, but that is indirectly,
through the characters. In fact I am behind everything that happens and that is
but I am never talking about myself in first person. Something in me
- probably a dislike of cheap exhibitionism -
keeps me from approaching a project too autobiographically.”

- Pedro Almodovar

    Fireworks  1947
    Flaming Creatures  1963
    Blow Job  1964
    Flesh 1968
    Bitter Tears
         of Petra Von Kant  1972
    The Damned  1969
    Decameron  1971
    Death In Venice  1971
    Fox and His Friends 1975
    The Killing
          of Sister George 1968
    Salo  1975
    Teorema  1968
    Fellini's Satyricon  1969
    Sunday, Bloody Sunday  
    Victim  1961
    Je, tu, il, elle 1974
    Superdyke  1975
    Gay USA  1977
    Word Is Out  1977
    Boys In the Band 1970
    The Licorice Quartet        
    Therese and Isabelle 1968
    The Cats        
    To Ingrid, My Love, Lisa  
    Female Trouble  1974
    Rocky Horror
      Picture Show  1975
    Personal Best  1982
    Making Love 1982
    Mala Noche  1985
    Desert Hearts  1985
    The Times of Harvey Milk        
    Parting Glances  1985
    Poison  1991
    Paris Is Burning  1990
    Edward II  1991
    The Hours and Time  1991
    Swoon  1992
    The Living End  1992
    Basic Instinct  1992
    Silence of the Lambs  1992
    Go Fish  1994
    Incredibly True Story
          of 2 Girls In Love  1995
    All Over Me  1997
    Watermelon Woman  1996
    Heavenly Creatures  1994
    Bound  1996
    Welcome to the
    Dollhouse                   1995
    Philadelphia 1994
    Velvet Goldmine  1998
    High Art  1998
    The Opposite of Sex  1998
    The Doom Generation  1995
    A Family Affair  2003
    All Over the Guy  2001
    Better Than Chocolate 1999
    Big Eden  2000
    Billy's Hollywood
    Screen Kiss  1998
    Chutney Popcorn  1999
    But I'm A Cheerleader  1999
    The Broken Hearts Club  
    It's In the Water   1997
    Kiss Me Guido  1997
    Everything Relative  1996
    Jeffrey  1995
    Punks  2000
    Treading Water  2001
    Trick 1999
    Nitrate Kisses 1992
    Tongues Untied 1990
    Common Threads 1989
    Coming Out Under Fire 1994
    Party Monster 2003
    Silverlake Life 1993
    Southern Comfort  2001
    Family Fundamentals  2002
    Hedwig & the Angry Inch  
    Girls Will Be Girls  2003
    By Hook or By Crook  2001
    Boys Don't Cry  1999
    Far From Heaven 2002
    Happy Endings  2005
    Trembling Before God  2001
    Chocolate Babies  1997
    Saving Face 2004
    Tarnation 2004
    Brokeback Mountain 2006
    D.E.B.S. (PG)  2004
Pedro Almodovar
and the
La Movida Cultural
Following the Fall of

There are more Gay & Lesbian film festivals
than any other kind of film festival.
The reason for this is, of course,
the resonance this work has within
our community and within ourselves.

- Stephen Gutwilling,
OUTFEST (L.A. LGBT Film Festival)
Never  be bullied into silence.
Never allow  yourself to be made a victim.
Accept  no one's definition
of your life; define yourself.  
- Harvey Fierstein
Television & Film
BRAVO TV once presented
a special - FABULOUS! -
The Story of Queer Cinema.
Finding a lack of regular
LGBTQ programming on
television , we have  listed
all the films mentioned in
the Bravo special.
The list is included here for
the reader's entertainment
and edification:
on the
of brother